Typical Day

Nap time

Nap Time

The center has a naptime daily between noon and 2:00 pm. This period will be for all children except the infants. Infants will nap according to each child’s schedule. NC has a “Safe Sleep Policy” which each parent of a child under age 1 is required to read and sign. Crib sheets are washed daily for the Infant room.

Nap times will take place shortly after lunch time. Each child has a labeled cot and sheet. Sheets are washed weekly and cots are sanitized on Friday. Children are allowed to bring from home their favorite blanket or sleep toy. Keep in mind that sleep toys will remain in cubbies anytime children are not napping. Teachers will encourage sleeping by rubbing backs and playing soft background music.


We provide a breakfast, lunch, and a pm snack daily. All food served meets the USDA qualifications.

Breakfast is served between 8:00-8:40 am, lunch is served between 11:15 am and 1:30 pm (this varies due to school age children in the summer time) snack is served between 2:15 and 3:30 pm. We do participate in the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program). At time of enrollment parents will be asked to fill out an eligibility and enrollment form for CACFP. This is a requirement and forms must be updated yearly in July. These applications are kept locked up and are only viewed by the state officials if audited.

We serve nutritious meals that include fresh fruit, vegetables, fruit juices and milk. Lunch menus will be posted in each classroom. If a child has any food allergies, we must have a doctor’s statement saying that the child is allergic and cannot have a particular food, and parents must describe in writing the child’s allergic reaction to that food. This is a requirement by the CACFP. We will supply a substitute that is equivalent in nutrition value.