School-Age Policy

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Bright Beginnings has a school-age appropriate program, in which your child will be happy and loved. We hope our school-age program will be an enjoyable experience for your child. This parent handbook was designed to provide you with essential information about Bright Beginnings. If you have any questions, call the center at 828 396-5655 or 828 396-3953(school-age #).

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About our Center

Bright Beginnings School-Age Center is locally owned and operated by David and D’etta Barlow of Granite Falls. The school-age center will provide care for children ages 5-12 years. The center is registered and licensed by North Carolina Department of Human Resources. Our staff works very hard to meet and go beyond the state child care requirements. We are opened year round except for special holidays. All holidays will be posted in advance. Our hours are from 6:00am- 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.


There is a onetime registration fee per child of $25.00. An application must be filled out and on file before a child can start at the center.

Payment Plan

We have a prepay service at the center. All fees should be paid in advance. All fees are due on a weekly basis. Checks, cash, debit and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted. There will be a $25.00 service charge for returned checks. All payments that are late will receive a $5.00 late fee until the balance is paid in full. A $15.00 discount is given to siblings enrolled either at the school-age or the child care center. We reserve the right to withdraw a child from our center if accounts go past two weeks with nonpayment.

Children picked up late

Our hours are from 6am-6pm. Children that are not picked up by 6pm will be required to pay a fee of $1.00 per minute, per child. Please be considerate and have your child picked up on time.


We are pleased with the qualifications and experience of our staff. Each staff member is required to continue their education in the Early Childhood program.


We provide two nutritious meals and one snack per day. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. The days the children are on field trips, a lunch will be packed according to the CACFP program, in which we participate in at the center. Breakfast is served around 8:00am, lunch served between 11:00am-2:00pm (depending on field trips) and afternoon snack is served between 3:00pm-4:00pm.

Bonus Week

All summer campers are omitted from the bonus week. Only children that attend year round are granted this service.

Any child that attends the center year round is eligible for 1 free week. This can be used for summer vacation, Christmas vacation, etc.


A two week verbal or written notice is required. Fees will continue to be charged to your account without notification of withdrawal. Please notify us of any change because we do care for your children and become concerned when they are not present.


The center is a place for healthy children, unfortunately, we do not have the staff or the facilities to care for the children who are too ill to take part in daily activities or cannot play outdoors. We ask that you do not bring your child to the center if he/she has any of the following:

  • A temperature above 101
  • Severe diarrhea of frequent watery stools
  • Vomiting
  • Acute symptoms of a cold or drainage from the eyes
  • Cannot maintain a lowered temperature without medication

If your child has a contagious disease such as chicken pox, mumps, strep throat, pink eye, flu, yeast infections, etc. Please keep your child at home for as long a period as your physician recommends. In most cases, this is 24-48 hours after treatment begins. Please notify the center of any contagious illness so the other parents may be informed. You will be contacted to pick up your child if he/she becomes ill during the day.


All medicine given must have a medication form filled out before the center is allowed to administer the medicine. All medicine must be in the original container. We will not administer prescription medicine unless it is in the original bottle and labeled with child’s name, dosage, Dr.’s name, and current date. We do not give medicine on an “as needed basis”. By state law, we cannot give any medicine, including Tylenol and aspirin, without written consent from the parent. The center does not keep extra medicine on hand.


All school-age children are required to present the center with a shot record.


Every precaution has been taken to make our building and grounds as safe as possible. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our teachers also receive regular in-service training so they can act quickly in case of an emergency. Should an accident happen we will notify you immediately. Please be sure we have accurate phone numbers and emergency numbers. If parents cannot be reached, your child will be taken to the emergency room if necessary.


Our center has written policies for dealing with emergencies. Building evacuation procedures are reviewed and practiced at least once a month by children and staff.


By law we are required to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect of any type. All suspects of this behavior will be reported to department of social services.

General Information

  • Please dress your child in play clothes that are washable, roomy, and easy for them to manage. We ask that all school-agers have an extra set of clothes at the center. (Please put clothes in a gallon Ziploc bag labeled with child’s name)
  • If children bring hand held games to the center on free days, we ask that all games are labeled with their name. The center is not responsible for lost or stolen items that may be brought from home.
  • The center requires that children be brought to the center by 9am. This is to help us get an accurate lunch count. It will also ensure your child will be here when most of our structured activities happen. (This time may change on some days due to planned field trips).


It is the responsibility of adults to help children learn to get along with each other. We at Bright Beginnings developed our discipline policy based on health and safety requirements. Children need reassurance that people who love them will guide, protect, and set limits that will keep them safe. By helping children learn what appropriate behavior is, we hope to foster positive behavior patterns they can build on in later years.

Our play and entertainment areas are arranged for maximum safety and require some limitations.  When disruptive behavior does occur, the school agers will follow the following rules:

  • Respect others and their belongings
  • Respect school/center property
  • Do not take things that do not belong to you
  • No hitting, spitting, biting, pinching, or pushing
  • No throwing toys or objects at others
  • No cursing or calling names
  • Stay with your teachers and/or group at all times
  • If toys are brought from home and misplaced or broken the center is not responsible.

Our center will do the following guidelines to help with behavioral problems

Strips will be pulled by child when he or she breaks either of these rules. Children may face consequences as these strips are pulled. Strips are color coded and the colors will represent as follows:

  • Yellow- Warning
  • Purple- Time Out
  • Orange- May not be allowed to participate in activity
  • Blue- Is sent to the office to talk with Mrs. D’etta/ Mr. David or Mrs. Ginny.
  • Red- Conference with child’s parent or guardian
  • Black- Suspension may occur

If a child is out of control and/or will not listen, then we have no choice but to call the parents and have them pick the child up. Please go over the rules with your children.

Parent Participation

Parents are invited to participate in any field trip or daily activity. All parents are responsible for the adult cost of a ticket and their own food. Parents are not allowed to ride the bus due to insurance regulations. We encourage parents to do a yearly evaluation of our program. Participation is always welcome!


Birthdays are very exciting events for children. If you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday you are asked to supply the cake/cupcakes, and treats that are store bought. Homemade treats are against sanitation rules. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Parenting Partners

Good quality child care with skilled and loving teachers can help fulfill a child’s need to grow and learn in the world. It is our hope that you and your family will find Bright Beginnings an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Summer Activities

We do provide a summer camp program for our school-agers. There is an activity fee to cover all field trip costs. All field trips are planned before summer camp begins and parent meetings will be held to go over all information.

Graduation Participation

Bright Beginnings does a Pre-k graduation which is usually held in May. School-agers are a part of this program and children are encouraged to participate. This is an option and should be discussed between parent/child to make sure the child wants to be a part of the program. The children are asked to practice when time gets closer.

We ask that if you ever have a problem please see Mrs. Deborah, who is the school-age program coordinator.